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Fat Reduction

Melt the inches away
Without surgery
Minimal downtime…

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Losing your confidence
Regain your confidence
Regrow your hair…

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Oxygen Facial

Too late to take a facial before the important event
Hydrate, brighten , clarify
For immediate results…

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You don’t age overnight
You cannot stop ageing
But you can roll back the years instantly…

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Repair acne scars

Rejuvenate damaged ,aged skin
Effective, natural treatment for acne scars
Naturally regenerates healthier and younger looking , smoother skin…

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Skin Specialist in Chennai

Skin is the largest and the first noticeable organ in the body. It is the skin, which captures everyone’s attention. Get rid of all skin ailments and feel beautiful!

Dr. Chandan is a best and experienced Cosmetologist, Dermatologist and Skin Specialist in Chennai. He runs Aanya Skin Clinic in Alwarpet, Chennai.

Aanya Skin Clinic is a Skin care and Cosmetic Clinic in Alwarpet, Chennai which provide treatments with the highest and best quality of care. At Aanya Skin Clinic, Skin Specialist keep the patients informed regarding their skin condition through visuals and knowledge leaflets. This helps the patients to realize an entire understanding of their skin ailments.

Dermatologist in Chennai

A dermatologist treats diseases and a few cosmetic issues of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails. In Aanya Skin Clinic, we have a better and experienced Dermatologist, who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, including scalp, nails and hair.

Doctors Profile


Dr. Chandan. A. M.D., is a best and qualified Dermatologist, Skin Specialist in Chennai, who completed his post graduation from a Harvard associated medical college. He started Aanya Skin Clinic – a good Skin care and Cosmetic Clinic in Alwarpet, Chennai.

Dr. A. Chandan. M.D., is certified in lasers, Botox, Fillers, Meso therapy and advanced Anti aging medicine. He also trained and certified as a leading Aesthetic practitioner for Botox and Fillers.

Dr. Chandan - Dermatologist and Skin Specialist in Chennai

He provides treatments with the highest quality of care and also he treats various skin and its diseases.

Dr. Chandan is a Skin Specialist and Dermatologist in Aanya Skin Clinic provides treatments such as Scar Treatment, Tattoo Removal, Acne Treatment, Laser Resurfacing, Anti Aging, Botox, Fillers, Stretch Marks Treatment, Hair Loss Treatment, Melasma Treatment, Deep Pigmentation Treatment, Facial Rejuvenation Treatment, Mesotherapy, Hand Rejuvenation, Skin Hydration.


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