Dr. Chandan

Dr. Chandan

Dr. Chandan of Aanya Skin Clinic, Chennai; discusses skin health for the season and explains a little about the changes in the attitudes of men and women towards skin and hair care today, when compared to a decade ago. With several new products arriving on the scene, Dr. Chandan tells us how to approach new-age therapies in the right manner.

There has been a surge in the availability of several cosmetic procedures for skin and hair in the last decade. How do you advise the health seeker on making the right choice?

Caring for one’s skin and hair was seen as a secondary task earlier, but today people recognise it as a part of their wellness. We can now use a multi-pronged approach, as the health seekers themselves understand that is one of the facets that lends to their wellbeing.

Ensuring that your skin and hair stays healthy means you need to have the right nutrition, keep your lifestyle in check, stay active and the like. To state very simply – you are the cake and these factors are the icing on the cake. This collective wellbeing is what you need to adopt for better, long lasting results.

What are the factors that play a role in deciding that procedure that suits a person?

Skin type – like age of the health-seeker; whether it is wrinkle prone skin or not, in addition to knowing whether a person has dry, oily or combination skin are key. We need to also determine what sort of problems the skin is prone to- breakouts, allergies etc. We get an understanding of their diet and habits too and only then do we present the correct procedures to the patient.

Have you noticed any peculiar conditions or changes in women and men today versus a decade ago?

With women, there is a big increase in the number of hair fall cases. Earlier it was men who came with concerns of hair loss and balding but today we have women in their early 20s consulting us for this problem. This is primarily because of their work, stress levels, lifestyles – and not having enough time to take care of themselves.

Men today have actually become more aware of their looks: skin and hair in particular and are eager to try new treatments to look better. Their willingness to seek consultation has increased and they follow through with the advice given to achieve the results they desire.

What is the speciality of Aanya Skin Clinic?

We offer the newest, most advanced skin and hair treatments and therapies and the one feature which is most certainly the need of the day is our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. The percentage of oxygen we consume is only about 18% which is not very healthy. Lack of oxygen in our bodies is what plagues most of us, allowing us to be exposed to all kinds of diseases, as the reduced levels are unable to penetrate into the skin cells to repair and rejuvenate them.

In the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at Aanya, the entire body is flooded with oxygen and the impurities are flushed out. This procedure instantly detoxes you, leading to the better functioning of all the systems.

How frequently can one undergo this?

This depends on the individuals’ age, metabolism, their genetics and lifestyle.

Can you tell us more on the IV Nutritional Therapy?

This is the most advanced and comprehensive method of inducing nutrients into the body of an individual. The nutrition goes into the veins and directly to the blood; tackling the deficiencies upon contact. When this happens the body is able to cope better, keeping you healthier.

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