Laser skin lightening treatment

Laser Skin Lightening Treatment

In Aanya Skin Clinic, Laser Skin Lightening treatments are done with TRI – BEAM Q-Switch Nd:YAG

True Innovation

Rich-PTP™ (Photo-acoustic Toning Pulse) technology is unique to TRI – BEAM. Even with larger spot sizes (adjustable 2 to 10mm) Rich-PTP™ mode distributes high peak energy in a rapid double pulse allowing for optimal tissue interaction.

Rich-PTP™ mode also optimizes Thermal Relaxation Time for targeted melanosomes when treating Melasma. When it comes to comfortably treating even the most difficult tattoos and pigmented lesions, TRI – BEAM outperforms the competition.

True Versatility

Gen Technique™ is a Quasi-Long Pulse (Pulse width 300µs) utilizing the 1,064nm wavelength for deep penetration. Gen Technique™ combines thermal lifting and toning by using the fundamentals of selective photothermolysis.The peeling effect that results make Gen Technique™ a phenomenal treatment for skin revitalization and firming.


TRI – BEAM Gen Technique™ delivers remarkable results for pore reduction, and skin revitalization and skin firming.

True Flat-Top Beam Profile

True Flat-Top (Homogenized energy delivery) beam mode ensures proper energy is delivered to tissue throughout the entire pulse. By avoiding spikes or valleys TRI – BEAM users observe predictable light-tissue interaction throughout the entire treatment.

Q switched Nd:YAG lasers have been used for tattoo removal and skin lightening, but safety has been a concern in darker skin types. Our fractional Q switched Nd:YAG laser overcomes this by minimizing the possibility of over treating the surrounding tissues, thus reducing downtime and makes it safe for darker skin types.

TRI – PEEL technique combines carbon and factional methods to produce remarkable results for pore reduction , skin revitalization and skin firmness.

Rich-PTP mode delivers low energy which does not destroy the melanin cell, but selectively minimizes pigment production .

How long does it takes?

Depend on the body part treated, but a face session will take around 30 min.

How often do I need it?

Skin revitalization sessions would be ideally about 4-6 sessions 3 weeks apart and maintenance once in 3-6 months

Is it painful?

A mild pricking, tingling sensation is felt

Are there any side effects?

Mild erythema might be there which can last up to a couple of hrs

Any other precautions?

Good sun protection is necessary to prevent future damage and to prevent further pigmentation .

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 Skin Lightening treatment

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